The Customer Advantage

  • The Vipshop Shopping Experience
    Our flash sales model provides a unique online shopping experience for our customers, which mostly consist of urban and educated individuals in China who are seeking lifestyle enhancements. We offer new sales events daily with a carefully styled selection of popular branded products at deeply discounted prices in limited quantities during limited time periods, creating the element of "thrill and excitement" associated with our unique customer shopping experience.

  • Broad Brand Offerings
    Chinese consumers are highly brand conscious and price sensitive, yet the availability of discount retailers and outlet malls within China's retail ecosystem is extremely limited. We bridge this gap by connecting our consumers with a wide selection of carefully selected products from our brand partners.

  • First Mover Advantage
    As a first-mover in the flash sales industry, we have achieved a level of scale and recognition that will help us maintain our leading market position. Brands prefer to partner with a limited number of flash sales partners to sell as much of their inventory as possible. Similarly, consumers tend to use and stick with websites offering a broad range of products so as to meet their shopping needs without the need to visit a large number of websites. Large scale flash sales companies will be better positioned to meet the preferences of brands and consumers, while also benefiting from economies of scale that spread fixed costs. We offer the scale and thus breadth that will continue to attract brand partners and consumers.

  • Merchandising Expertise
    Our strong merchandizing expertise enables us to select the brand composition and product mix of our daily sales events that appeal to our customers. Our consistent ability to attract consumers through the selection of carefully styled merchandise engenders customer loyalty and enhances the viral marketing generated by users of the site. We recognize merchandising expertise is an important element for succeeding in China's flash sales market. Therefore, we are proud of our management team's decades of merchandising experience, which enables us to better anticipate consumer preferences.