The Brand Partner Advantage

We are a preferred online flash sales channel in China for popular domestic and international brands.

  • Inventory Management Solution
    We believe that well-known and popular brands are attracted to our website and services because of our ability to monetize large volume of their inventory in short periods of time, increase consumer awareness of their brands and products, reach potential customers throughout China, and fulfill their demand for customer data analysis and inventory management. To date, substantially all of our brand partners have sought to pursue new sales opportunities with us, reflecting the strong value we provide to brands.

  • Reliable Customer Experience
    A flash sales website's ability to reliably and efficiently fulfill customer orders is a critical differentiating factor for customers choosing among different flash sales websites. Accordingly, it is crucial for a flash sales company to possess strong fulfillment capabilities that provide a positive customer experience, delivering products in a reliable and efficient manner and offering convenient return services. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our inventory management, merchandise delivery and customer service capabilities.

  • Customer Discovery
    For brands, we offer a channel to create new consumer demand for their products and services and the ability to monetize their inventory quickly without compromising their brand promise. We provide a new and impactful marketing channel for brands to increase consumer awareness throughout China. We help brands expand their addressable market of potential customers by offering products at a price that entices new customers to try a brand's products that they may not otherwise have sampled or been able to afford. We also provide our customer behavior and transaction data to brands to help them refine their product development and sales and marketing strategies.

  • IT Expertise: Warehouse and Logistics Management, ERP System, Customer Service System and Product Information Management
    We strive to optimize every aspect of our operations as we continue to grow our business. We generally have the right to return unsold items for most of our products to our brand partners. Our logistics operations and inventory management systems are specifically designed to support flash sales' high frequency and handle a large volume of inventory turnover. Currently, we deliver over 90% of our orders through our proprietary last mile network to ensure consistent, reliable, and timely delivery. We have developed our IT infrastructure to support the surge of visitor traffic to our website during the peak hours of our daily flash sales. We believe that our efficient operational and management systems combined with our robust IT infrastructure set a solid foundation for our continuing growth.