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VIPSHOP HOLDINGS LTD filed this Form SC TO-I/A on 03/07/2017
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28.                               PAYMENT MECHANICS


28.1                        Payments to the Agent


(a)                                 On each date on which an Obligor or a Lender is required to make a payment under a Finance Document, that Obligor or Lender shall make the same available to the Agent (unless a contrary indication appears in a Finance Document) for value on the due date at the time and in such funds specified by the Agent as being customary at the time for settlement of transactions in the relevant currency in the place of payment.


(b)                                 Payment shall be made to such account in the principal financial centre of the country of that currency and with such bank as the Agent, in each case, specifies.


28.2                        Distributions by the Agent


(a)                                 Each payment received by the Agent under the Finance Documents for another Party shall, subject to Clause 28.3 (Distributions to an Obligor) and Clause 28.4 (Clawback and pre-funding) be made available by the Agent as soon as practicable after receipt to the Party entitled to receive payment in accordance with this Agreement (in the case of a Lender, for the account of its Facility Office), to such account as that Party may notify to the Agent by not less than five Business Days’ notice with a bank specified by that Party in the principal financial centre of the country of that currency.


(b)                                 The Agent shall distribute payments received by it in relation to all or any part of the Loan to the Lender indicated in the records of the Agent as being so entitled on that date provided that the Agent is authorised to distribute payments to be made on the date on which any transfer becomes effective pursuant to Clause 24 (Changes to the Lenders) to the Lender so entitled immediately before such transfer took place regardless of the period to which such sums relate.


28.3                        Distributions to an Obligor


The Agent may (with the consent of the Obligor or in accordance with Clause 29 (Set-off)) apply any amount received by it for that Obligor in or towards payment (on the date and in the currency and funds of receipt) of any amount due from that Obligor under the Finance Documents or in or towards purchase of any amount of any currency to be so applied.


28.4                        Clawback and pre-funding


(a)                                 Where a sum is to be paid to the Agent under the Finance Documents for another Party, the Agent is not obliged to pay that sum to that other Party (or to enter into or perform any related exchange contract) until it has been able to establish to its satisfaction that it has actually received that sum.



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