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SEC Filings

VIPSHOP HOLDINGS LTD filed this Form SC TO-I/A on 03/07/2017
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24.8                        Copy of Transfer Certificate or Assignment Agreement to Borrower


The Agent shall, as soon as reasonably practicable after it has executed a Transfer Certificate or an Assignment Agreement, send to the Borrower a copy of that Transfer Certificate or Assignment Agreement.


24.9                        Existing consents and waivers


A New Lender shall be bound by any consent, waiver, election or decision given or made by the relevant Existing Lender under or pursuant to any Finance Document prior to the coming into effect of the relevant assignment or transfer to such New Lender.


24.10                 Exclusion of Agent’s liability


In relation to any assignment or transfer pursuant to this Clause 24, each Party acknowledges and agrees that the Agent shall not be obliged to enquire as to the accuracy of any representation or warranty made by a New Lender in respect of its eligibility as a Lender.


24.11                 Assignments and transfers to Obligor group


A Lender may not assign or transfer to any Obligor or any Affiliate of any Obligor any of such Lender’s rights or obligations under any Finance Document, except with the prior written consent of all the Lenders.


24.12                 Security over Lenders’ rights


In addition to the other rights provided to Lenders under this Clause 24.12, each Lender may without consulting with or obtaining consent from any Obligor, at any time charge, assign or otherwise create Security in or over (whether by way of collateral or otherwise) all or any of its rights under any Finance Document to secure obligations of that Lender including:


(a)                                 any charge, assignment or other Security to secure obligations to a federal reserve or central bank; and


(b)                                 in the case of any Lender which is a fund, any charge, assignment or other Security granted to any holders (or trustee or representatives of holders) of obligations owed, or securities issued, by that Lender as security for those obligations or securities,


except that no such charge, assignment or Security shall:


(i)                                     release a Lender from any of its obligations under the Finance Documents or substitute the beneficiary of the relevant charge, assignment or Security for the Lender as a party to any of the Finance Documents; or


(ii)                                  require any payments to be made by an Obligor other than or in excess of, or grant to any person any more extensive rights than, those required to be made or granted to the relevant Lender under the Finance Documents.



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