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SEC Filings

VIPSHOP HOLDINGS LTD filed this Form SC TO-I/A on 03/07/2017
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(b)                                 the release of the Borrower or any other person under the terms of any composition or arrangement with any creditor of any member of the Group;


(c)                                  the taking, variation, compromise, exchange, renewal or release of, or refusal or neglect to perfect, execute, take up or enforce, any rights against, or security over assets of, the Borrower or other person or any non-presentation or non-observance of any formality or other requirement in respect of any instrument or any failure to realise the full value of any security;


(d)                                 any incapacity or lack of power, authority or legal personality of or dissolution or change in the members or status of the Borrower or any other person;


(e)                                  any amendment, novation, supplement, extension, restatement (however fundamental and whether or not more onerous) or replacement of any Finance Document or any other document or security including any change in the purpose of, any extension of or any increase in any facility or the addition of any new facility under any Finance Document or other document or security;


(f)                                   any unenforceability, illegality or invalidity of any obligation of any person under any Finance Document or any other document or security;


(g)                                  any insolvency or similar proceedings; or


(h)                                 this Agreement or any other Finance Document not being executed by or binding upon any other party.


17.5                        Immediate recourse


The Guarantor waives any right it may have of first requiring any Finance Party (or any trustee or agent on its behalf) to proceed against or enforce any other rights or security or claim payment from any person before claiming from the Guarantor under this Clause 17.  This waiver applies irrespective of any law or any provision of a Finance Document to the contrary.


17.6                        Appropriations


Until all amounts which may be or become payable by the Borrower under or in connection with the Finance Documents have been irrevocably paid in full, each Finance Party (or any trustee or agent on its behalf) may:


(a)                                 refrain from applying or enforcing any other moneys, security or rights held or received by that Finance Party (or any trustee or agent on its behalf) in respect of those amounts, or apply and enforce the same in such manner and order as it sees fit (whether against those amounts or otherwise) and the Guarantor shall not be entitled to the benefit of the same; and


(b)                                 hold in an interest-bearing suspense account any moneys received from the Guarantor or on account of the Guarantor’s liability under this Clause 17.



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