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SEC Filings

VIPSHOP HOLDINGS LTD filed this Form SC TO-I/A on 03/07/2017
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(b)                                 Paragraph (a) above does not in any way limit the obligations of any Obligor under the Finance Documents.


14.2                        Limitation of liability


(a)                                 The Borrower shall promptly indemnify each Finance Party for all costs and expenses reasonably incurred by that Finance Party as a result of steps taken by it under Clause 14.1 (Mitigation).


(b)                                 A Finance Party is not obliged to take any steps under Clause 14.1 (Mitigation) if, in the opinion of that Finance Party (acting reasonably), to do so might be prejudicial to it.


14.3                        Conduct of business by the Finance Parties


No provision of this Agreement will:


(a)                                 interfere with the right of any Finance Party to arrange its affairs (tax or otherwise) in whatever manner it thinks fit;


(b)                                 oblige any Finance Party to investigate or claim any credit, relief, remission or repayment available to it or the extent, order and manner of any claim; or


(c)                                  oblige any Finance Party to disclose any information relating to its affairs (tax or otherwise) or any computations in respect of Tax.


15.                               OTHER INDEMNITIES


15.1                        Currency indemnity


(a)                                 If any sum due from an Obligor under the Finance Documents (a “Sum”), or any order, judgment or award given or made in relation to a Sum, has to be converted from the currency (the “First Currency”) in which that Sum is payable into another currency (the “Second Currency”) for the purpose of:


(i)                                     making or filing a claim or proof against that Obligor; or


(ii)                                  obtaining or enforcing an order, judgment or award in relation to any litigation or arbitration proceedings,


that Obligor shall as an independent obligation, within three Business Days of demand, indemnify each Finance Party to whom that Sum is due against any cost, loss or liability arising out of or as a result of the conversion including any discrepancy between (A) the rate of exchange used to convert that Sum from the First Currency into the Second Currency and (B) the rate or rates of exchange available to that person at the time of its receipt of that Sum.


(b)                                 Each Obligor waives any right it may have in any jurisdiction to pay any amount under the Finance Documents in a currency or currency unit other than that in which it is expressed to be payable.



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