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SEC Filings

VIPSHOP HOLDINGS LTD filed this Form SC TO-I/A on 03/07/2017
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5.                                      UTILISATION


5.1                               Delivery of the Utilisation Request


The Borrower may utilise the Facility by delivery to the Agent of a duly completed Utilisation Request not later than the Specified Time.


5.2                               Completion of the Utilisation Request


(a)                                 The Utilisation Request is irrevocable and will not be regarded as having been duly completed unless:


(i)                                     the proposed Utilisation Date is a Business Day within the Availability Period;


(ii)                                  the currency and amount of the Utilisation comply with Clause 5.3 (Currency and amount); and


(iii)                               the account of the Convertible Bonds Trustee is provided in sufficient detail to receive the proceeds of the Loan.


(b)                                 Only one Loan may be requested in the Utilisation Request.


5.3                               Currency and amount


(a)                                 The currency specified in the Utilisation Request must be US dollars.


(b)                                 The amount of the proposed Loan must be an amount which is not more than:


(i)                                     the Total Commitment;  and


(ii)                                  The aggregate of:


(A)                               the amount (included all accrued but unpaid interest) payable with respect to any Convertible Bonds tendered for early repurchase by holders of the Convertible Bonds;


(B)                               the drawdown fee referred to in Clause 11.3 (Drawdown fee); and


(C)                               the  fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection with the Facility,


and which is a minimum of US$5,000,000.


5.4                               Lenders’ participation


(a)                                 If the conditions set out in Clause 4 (Conditions of Utilisation) and Clauses 5.1 (Delivery of the Utilisation Request) to 5.3 (Currency and amount) have been met, each Lender shall make its participation in the Loan available by the Utilisation Date through its Facility Office.



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