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SEC Filings

VIPSHOP HOLDINGS LTD filed this Form SC TO-I/A on 03/07/2017
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(d)                                 This Clause supersedes any previous confidentiality undertaking given by a Finance Party in connection with this Agreement prior to it becoming a Party.


35.2                        Disclosure to numbering service providers


(a)                                 Any Finance Party may disclose to any national or international numbering service provider appointed by that Finance Party to provide identification numbering services in respect of this Agreement, the Facility and/or one or more Obligors the following information:


(i)                                     names of Obligors;


(ii)                                  country of domicile of Obligors;


(iii)                               place of incorporation of Obligors;


(iv)                              date of this Agreement;


(v)                                 Clause 38 (Governing Law);


(vi)                              the names of the Agent and the Mandated Lead Arrangers;


(vii)                           date of each amendment and restatement of this Agreement;


(viii)                        amounts of, and names of, the Facility (and any tranches);


(ix)                              amount of Total Commitments;


(x)                                 currency of the Facility;


(xi)                              type of Facility;


(xii)                           ranking of Facility;


(xiii)                        Final Repayment Date for Facility;


(xiv)                       changes to any of the information previously supplied pursuant to paragraphs (i) to (xiii) above; and


(xv)                          such other information agreed between such Finance Party and the Borrower,


to enable such numbering service provider to provide its usual syndicated loan numbering identification services.


(b)                                 The Parties acknowledge and agree that each identification number assigned to this Agreement, the Facility and/or one or more Obligors by a numbering service provider and the information associated with each such number may be disclosed to users of its services in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of that numbering service provider.



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